It is hardly news that funding commercial projects in our current economy is difficult at best. How do you set your project apart from the hundreds of others that investors see daily?

For years, REFN has been building investment specific websites. Lenders appreciate how comprehensive they are and how easy it is to find the documentation they want. The main page is, for all intents and purposes, an executive summary describing the transaction, collateral, ability to cover debt service and exit strategy. Other sections include all pertinent documentation in PDF format, properly labeled, so it is easy to find, easy to view and easy to share with anyone worldwide. It makes it simple for a potential funding source to get their minds around a project.

We are now offering design and hosting of these focused websites, custom branded, to you. A project that you seek to sell or finance will be packaged onto a custom designed website, complete with photos and password protected access to relevant financial information, branded with your logo and your contact information. The cost is minimal and it is an extremely effective way to share comprehensive information on a project with interested parties. Ask us about discounts for posting full portfolios.

If you have seen the way that we package projects for funding, you know how powerful a promotional tool it can be. Call us to discuss doing it for you.