Our primary job is to get your project noticed. That involves presentation. Banks aren’t making many loans. The private investors that are, receive countless projects daily.

Investors want to review our offerings first because they know they are going to get complete, concise information. They know it will be easy to review and easy to make a preliminary judgment from. They also know that we have a good understanding of your project.

Our concept - to design an investment specific website.
Page one is, in essence, an executive summary. It describes the project and its current status. It then goes over what we call The Four Questions; What is the money for? How will it be collateralized? How debt service will be handled? What is the exit strategy?

The second section contains all the pertinent documents relative to the project, clearly labeled, converted into PDF files so they are easily opened and saved.

Section three contains corporate and personal financials. This section is, of course, password protected.

Finally, we have a section labeled Site Photos which can be anything from views of an existing resort to geological maps. No reason to limit the number of images.

It becomes a living, breathing brochure and portfolio on your venture, tied up with a ribbon!

The website provides a complete package on your project. It gives investors a way to share the information with their colleagues anywhere in the world as easily as emailing a link. It gives them the option to choose only the documentation they need, without clogging up their email. It gets your venture to the top of the pile. Call us and let’s talk about promoting your loan!