We are currently seeking a few more direct sources of funds. Let us make investing easier for you.

Access Our Inventory - The ability to view our projects is by invitation only, however all you need do is ask. Please take a moment to call or email us your contact information and what types of investments you prefer. We will send you only the projects you would like to see. You can, of course, browse through most of our current inventory online. Most investors appreciate the way our information is presented. We hope you do as well. Call or email us today!

Dramatization - Monday morning at 8AM. You open your email and already have dozens of potential deals to fund. The one page executive summaries are 48 pages long and even if you want to spend the time going through them you know they are going to be mainly fluff and hype. The projects tend to be over valuated so the collateral doesn’t make sense and when you arrive at the section that shows how they are planning to service the debt they of course want you to give them even more money in interest reserves to pay for your money. You receive a project through half a dozen emails because the files are so large, they take forever to download and they still don’t have all the documentation you need to submit the deal to underwriting. Even if you find an investment that seems reasonable, you contact the broker who sent it to you only to find they need to contact two or three other brokers before you can speak with the actual borrower. You grab that first cup of coffee and think to yourself, “There has got to be a better way”. Well now there is.

Real Estate Financial Network was designed to make life easier. Projects are pre-screened for viability. All documents are easily accessible online so you can pick and choose what information you need without clogging up your email. Complete financials on the borrower and images of the project and are also available in one place. Simple, easy, accessible to you and anyone on your staff that needs the information, immediately from anywhere in the world. Make collaboration and information sharing on a particular project as easy as sending your colleagues and staff a link. It is time to raise the bar on what you expect when presented a project to fund.